Carcraft / Buying a Quality Used Car in 2014

Customers looking to purchase a quality used car in 2014 are likely to spend more time browsing stock on the internet, and are then prepared to travel further in order to test drive the vehicle of their choice, according to trends which have been set in motion over 2013. The rise of social media as a form of advertising, the increase in price comparison websites and the improvements in technology which have made it simpler and easier for manufacturers, dealers and retail outlets to offer an online shop have all led to the internet becoming the first port of call for the average consumer, and used car buyers are no exception. This has benefits for both the sellers and the buyers. Quality used car dealers and supermarkets such as Carcraft are able to utilise social media in order to spread the word about their products to a wider audience and to use social media tools such as ‘likes’, ‘shares’ or ‘tweets’ in order to judge which advertising campaigns work across which demographics and which products prove the most popular. For the customer the rise in internet retail for used vehicles means that they are able to browse a far wider selection than ever before, choosing from thousands of vehicles and not being restricted to their local area. In many cases, it can mean lower overheads which benefit both the seller and the buyer when the savings are passed on. The buyer is able to narrow down their choices from the comfort of carcrafttheir own home before deciding to take a test drive, giving them ample opportunity to make price comparisons, seek out special offers and ensure that they are getting exactly what they are looking for.

In the case of Carcraft customers, the website features thousands of quality used vehicles, each of which is on sale at any one of the eleven national showrooms. Customers can use the comprehensive search tools to find the car they are looking for, or simply browse through the wide selection until they happen upon something which catches their eye. Once a customer has decided that they like a car enough to want to take it for a spin they can ask via the website for the vehicle of their choice to be transferred to their nearest showroom for a no-obligation test drive. In this way each customer can view the entire selection of cars available nationwide without having to travel for miles.

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